Praise Him in Your Dry Season

It’s your time. It’s your time to shine, to do your thing, to make it happen. It’s time to emerge stronger and braver. You can do it! I know you can! I believe in you! I know you have the ability and the dream! You can make it happen. Stay faithful in your dry season. Praise him through your storm!

We all walk through our season of darkness. A season of no harvest. A dry and desolate season. One we can’t see our way out of. It is unavoidable. It will come. The important thing is how we react to the season. Do we revert back to our old ways? Do we doubt? Complain? Worry? Do we voice our dislike for this season? Will we blame others? Will we listen to the can’t, won’t and I told so voice in our head? Or will we stay the course? Will we praise in the midst of the chaos? Will we continue in faith? We will speak to the mountain, the situation and announce Our God has better plans for us?

Will we make sure we are equipped and armed to handle these dry seasons?  There are somethings you can do to equip yourself and be prepared. These things will help you to weather these storms and seasons in your life.

1.       Stay in God’s word

2.       Use your affirmations and bible verses

3.       Surround yourself with people who lift you up

4.       Stay in prayer

5.       Continue to sow into your dream, business, and life

6.       Praise God through everything! Non ceasing! Louder than ever!

7.       Have your plan done and ready

8.       Use your words to speak to your situation


If you follow these tips, stay positive, and block your blessing; you will come out of this season. Your season of harvest is coming! Just like the farmer you must prepare for it. You must put in the work and do it with faith and joy! 


Author: WOM Enterprises Publishing and Promotion

My mission is to help people find their voices, write their stories and share them with the world. My goal is to help 10k people to have their voices heard. There is power in our words and in sharing our stories. We can give hope and light to another and we can change the world together. So reach out to me and let's get it done.

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