Empowering Women–Regina Mullen

Hello my name is Regina Mullen and I am an empowerment coach. I have been coaching over 10 years… I enjoy what I do and I’m good at it. I do because I have overcome many Life Tragedies. I think my life tragedies have caused me to seek and learn methods. So I now can empower help women’s be delivered from these circumstances that might have an

Feel self defeated and depressed in life.  So far I have been able to help hundreds of women become self confident live with very high self-esteem live their dreams and Any increase the monthly income by hundreds and thousands of dollars. When you know more you can do more, and when you enjoy You can do more and have more with ease, flow and clarity, and that’s what I do when you are being coached by me.

I’m inspired by a lot of things. I am inspired by my family. I am inspired by the women that never give up. I am inspired by being a better me every day I missed, and by being a walking miracle. For all the things that I have over came, I still believe in walking a path of unconditional love .That I’m a woman that walks the walk and talks the talk; thus a beautiful person to be and I love that about me. I may spire to live my very best life and to leave a legacy of unconditional love.

I will  leave as my legacy, generational wealth  to my  Children and grandchildren to be and to  have Powerful, positive , and successful  mindsets; that stands for Justice And continuously make improvements in their lives and in the lives of others also, and to have empowered over a million women to live their very best life.

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PHONE: (225) 250 9557


Inspiring Women–Shana Quirk

Shana Quirk

What inspires you?

God inspires me as well as many others that God has placed in my life including my daughter.

How do you want to inspire others?

I want to inspire others by encouraging them and being transparent with my own life and how God is using it all for my good.

Tell me your goals for 2021.

One of my goals is to have my home built in 2021 as well as start gardening. Another goal is to grow my business and my brand. 

What did you accomplish in 2020?

In 2020 I started to produce some cash flow into my business investment.

Tell me your favorite quote.

“I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

You can Find Shana Quirk at

Fill In The Gap Childcare Services, LLC.




I am the owner and founder of ‘Fill In The Gap’ Childcare Services LLC. Our mission is to provide high quality care, whether it is in a classroom as a substitute preschool teacher or in your home as a nanny. We want to relive some of the pressure of families and businesses in the communities that serve families. Making the world a little better; one day at a time! I’m an inspiring author as well as a first time entrepreneur.

I learned to start investing in my dreams and to start supporting myself as I do others. Sometimes it can be challenging because I’m learning as I go. I also have limited finances. Yet I’m sharing this part of it because I desire to inspire someone waiting to have the money, the time to invest and leap into your dreams. That time might never come. So pray, plan, prepare and go for it. I have a beautiful daughter who is learning from me. I am big on the motto do not tell me but show me. So setting a positive, prosperous example and life is important to me. I am in my mid to late 30s starting on the dreams of writing and building businesses that God has given me in my late 20s. It’s not too late to start; but please start.

Time to Write!!!


Are you ready to write your beautiful story? The world is waiting on your words! You have a purpose and reason to share your story! Life knocks us all down, it takes us for a ride, it sometimes knocks the wind out of our sails. It happens to all of us! That is not the important thing! It is not the end of the story. The important thing is to get back up. Fight, for the life you want.

That is why you need to share your story. To let others know they can overcome too. That they can get past their pain. That they can move onto a beautiful future. So, use your pain to propel your purpose. And pick up your pen and write your story.

Choose today to share your story today and help another to heal and to prevail! Your words are so powerful and needed in our world. Stop procrastinating and just do it! Thousands are waiting on you to share your story.

Reach out to WOM Enterprises Publishing & Promotion and let me help you! http://www.teresahawleyhoward.com


Time to Share Your Story

What are you waiting on? How long will you wait? Are  you waiting for a sign? For someone to give you permission? Someone to push you? Someone to help you? Your time is now! The world is waiting on your words, your wisdom and your story. Stop making them wait. Pick up your pen and start to write. Your story is needed, it is important and it is necessary!

Each of us has a beautiful and amazing story to share. We have been through and survived tremendous things. We have had joys, triumphs and blessings. We need to share our journeys with the world. We need to speak our truths and show our scars. We did not go through these trials for ourselves. They were meant to inspire and encourage and uplift others. So pick up your pen and be the light in the darkness.

You were put here for a purpose! It is time for you to fulfill it. You were meant to inspire others. So speak your truth and change the world.

Will You Choose to Follow your Calling?


You know someone is waiting. Someone needs what you can share. They are hungry for your words, your insight, your vision, your gift! Will you share? Will you be brave and tell your story? Will you follow your calling?

Will you choose to make a difference? To start a movement? To inspire change? To be the change? To encourage? To enable others to heal?

Your story, your testimony, your words, your life, your journey will be the legacy you leave. Will choose it to be positive or negative? Will you choose to be impactful, change lives, leave your mark, be a force in this world? It is entirely up to you. Will make a difference in our world?

Our world needs more heroes, more people to speak up, more people to be a light in the darkness. More people to stop going with the status quo. More people to do what is right no matter the cost. Will this, be you? If you are silent then you are in agreement! So, stand up, speak out and take a final stand for what is right.

You can be that; you can do it. You can be a catalyst for massive change. Just one small stone can start a major ripple and touch distant shores. So, remember, one voice, one choice, one person, one life, can be the change. Will you join me and follow your calling and choose to let God use you to change our world?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! As you prepare the food and the house for your family and friends be sure to take time to thank God for all your blessings. As we hug and kiss all those that we love and hold dear to our heart; we should give thanks for another year. Another year to see dreams come true, another year to hug our babies, love our parents and know our purpose.

Each year we make promises and plans. We have goals and ideas. We lay them out on dream boards and in journals. We want to do better, make more money and create our legacy.  But today is the day to reflect on the reasons why we do all of this. Why we work so hard. Why we make sacrifices and take chances.

So, look around your table and know your why. Take time to love on each of them. Take time to tell them what they mean to you. And for all those who could be with you in person this year, take time to call them. Tell them you miss them and love them! Make sure they know how you feel! You may not get next year! So, make this year count!


May your Thanksgiving be blessed and filled with love! From all of us at Women on a Mission Enterprises Happy Thanksgiving!

Take Time to Breath

In our busy lives, we loose track of the small things. We miss the little moments. We loose contact and connection. Days, weeks and months go by. We look up and we are further away from our dream, our goal and sometimes are family. We get caught up in the survival mode or the climbing the ladder mode. I encourage you to take a time out.

Tank time to breath. Take time to regroup. Take time to know you. When you take a time out, it will change things. It will let you refocus. Let you decide what is important and what you value. This is so important! As we go into 2017, make this commitment. And watch it change your life, your business and your path! You will be amazed! You will be transformed!

So let’s get started! Count to 5 and take deep breaths and know you will be okay. When you take time to relax, to regroup and refocus. Life will be so much easier. So much more fulfilling. So much more period! So start practicing taking a breath and thinking first! th7M2FHZZB.jpg

The Power of Story!

Do you realize the power of your story? The power of your words. The impact you can have on the world. The lives you can change. The lives you can change. The impact you can make. If you choose to be brave; share your story.

There is someone waiting on your story. Waiting on you to inspire them. Wanting to be uplifted and changed by the power of your story. Somewhere in the world; is a person you are suppose to mentor. The person you are suppose to help. The one who you will be the difference for. You can do it!

You will never reach your potential  unless you be open and own your truth. When the world can see you, feel your passion, know your purpose, and be amazed by your willingness to connect with others; your life will change.

Until you are honest, willing to be open and do your part in this world, your life will not be complete. We all have a purpose to fulfill and a calling to walk in. When you realize this your world, your business and your bank account will change. Your legacy will be created.

So please, I ask you to realize the power of your story. The power of sharing it. The power of walking in your purpose and passion. It will be a powerful moment and realization for you.

So stop waiting, stop procrastinating, stop limiting yourself and  your dreams. Do it now!


Why Should I Share My Story?



These are questions every potential writes asked themselves. Is my story worthy of being told? Will anyone want to read it? Will it be boring, rejected or not liked? Who am I to author a book?

All great questions and easily answered. Everyone has a story to share. No matter who you are. No matter what you do. No matter your age. No matter your gender. Every single person has a story to tell. In the past story telling was an art form. It was cherished and handed down from one generation to the next. The wisdom and grace of storytelling was considered a gift. Those who kept the stories were revered and respected.

Today should be no different. You have wisdom to impart. You have obstacles you have overcome. You have endured things and rallied back from defeat. You have survived what you thought would be the death of you. You raised children. You fell in and out of love. You married, you divorced and you lived to tell about it. No matter your past there is something you can share and give to the world.

We all have pearls of wisdom and great advice to share with the women coming behind us. We need to remember that there is a woman standing in the shoes we were in waiting for us to tell her she will survive. Waiting for some hope, some light and encouragement. Waiting to be blessed and touched by your story!

So take out pen and paper and start writing! And get ready to share your beautiful, powerful and unique story with the world. It is my mission to help 10,000 women to share their stories! I know writing heals your soul and helps another woman begin to heal too.

Praise Him in Your Dry Season

It’s your time. It’s your time to shine, to do your thing, to make it happen. It’s time to emerge stronger and braver. You can do it! I know you can! I believe in you! I know you have the ability and the dream! You can make it happen. Stay faithful in your dry season. Praise him through your storm!

We all walk through our season of darkness. A season of no harvest. A dry and desolate season. One we can’t see our way out of. It is unavoidable. It will come. The important thing is how we react to the season. Do we revert back to our old ways? Do we doubt? Complain? Worry? Do we voice our dislike for this season? Will we blame others? Will we listen to the can’t, won’t and I told so voice in our head? Or will we stay the course? Will we praise in the midst of the chaos? Will we continue in faith? We will speak to the mountain, the situation and announce Our God has better plans for us?

Will we make sure we are equipped and armed to handle these dry seasons?  There are somethings you can do to equip yourself and be prepared. These things will help you to weather these storms and seasons in your life.

1.       Stay in God’s word

2.       Use your affirmations and bible verses

3.       Surround yourself with people who lift you up

4.       Stay in prayer

5.       Continue to sow into your dream, business, and life

6.       Praise God through everything! Non ceasing! Louder than ever!

7.       Have your plan done and ready

8.       Use your words to speak to your situation


If you follow these tips, stay positive, and block your blessing; you will come out of this season. Your season of harvest is coming! Just like the farmer you must prepare for it. You must put in the work and do it with faith and joy!