Forgiveness to Freedom

We have all been hurt at one time in our lives. We have been betrayed, lied to, cheated on, mistreated, or abused. Sometimes it is by someone we love, by someone we trust, or by someone who is supposed love us too. The most natural reaction is to hold a grudge or maybe to retaliate. We may want to hold onto a seed of hate, mistrust or anger in our hearts. We think we are making the other person pay for the pain that they caused us.  That’s the worlds answer to the pain. The world says to close your heart and protect yourself. To make that person sorry and pay for what they have done to you.  Never let them forget what they did and how it hurt you.  Make them regret what they did to you. 

That’s not God’s way. It is not what is best for you. It is not what is best for your life. We feel that it makes us appear weak if we forgive. We feel we are letting them get away with what they did to us.  But forgiveness is not for the other person; it is for you. Forgiveness sets you free. It allows you to move on and heal from the pain. Forgiveness does not mean that you forget what you went through. It does not mean that what they did was right. It means that you have risen above it and chose to move on with your life.

God tells us to forgive; so that we can be forgiven. I know personally I need God’s grace and forgiveness every day. I know daily I sin and repent and need to be forgiven. If God is willing to forgive me; I have to be willing to forgive those who trespass against me. Being able to forgive gives you courage to live your best life. You cannot reach great heights and live the life God has planned for you with unforgiveness rooted in your heart.  You have to be free from it.  Forgiveness opens your heart and soul to receive your blessings. 

When we forgive we take back our power. We become free to follow our hearts, to chase our dreams, and receive great things that God has in store for us. So don’t cancel out your blessings b harboring seeds of unforgiveness in your heart. Move from forgiveness to freedom and claim your blessings today.