Share Your Story!


In the world we live in sharing our stories are more important than ever before in history. Throughout time storytelling has been important. The elders handed down tradition, folklore and legend to the next generation. It prepared them for life. It taught them lessons and how to handle life situations. But somewhere along the way this art form was lost. We no longer value this treasure. We no longer listen to stories in our busy fast paced life.

This is the reason our society and world is in the current condition. When we share our stories we learn about each other. We learn the struggles and obstacles others have overcome. We are empowered and inspired by their words. We are touched by their honest and transparency! If we take the time to share our stories; we will change the world!

We will discover the similarities in all people! We all love, we all cry, we all mourn, we all celebrate, we all bleed red! Once we realize our similarities; we can be more tolerable of our differences. We can learn from each other. We can appreciate the beauty in everyone. We can learn to celebrate what makes each of us unique and beautiful and not to hate or condemn. Every single person in the world has a story to share. Will you step out and be brave and share yours with the world?