Will You Choose to Follow your Calling?


You know someone is waiting. Someone needs what you can share. They are hungry for your words, your insight, your vision, your gift! Will you share? Will you be brave and tell your story? Will you follow your calling?

Will you choose to make a difference? To start a movement? To inspire change? To be the change? To encourage? To enable others to heal?

Your story, your testimony, your words, your life, your journey will be the legacy you leave. Will choose it to be positive or negative? Will you choose to be impactful, change lives, leave your mark, be a force in this world? It is entirely up to you. Will make a difference in our world?

Our world needs more heroes, more people to speak up, more people to be a light in the darkness. More people to stop going with the status quo. More people to do what is right no matter the cost. Will this, be you? If you are silent then you are in agreement! So, stand up, speak out and take a final stand for what is right.

You can be that; you can do it. You can be a catalyst for massive change. Just one small stone can start a major ripple and touch distant shores. So, remember, one voice, one choice, one person, one life, can be the change. Will you join me and follow your calling and choose to let God use you to change our world?


The Power of Story!

Do you realize the power of your story? The power of your words. The impact you can have on the world. The lives you can change. The lives you can change. The impact you can make. If you choose to be brave; share your story.

There is someone waiting on your story. Waiting on you to inspire them. Wanting to be uplifted and changed by the power of your story. Somewhere in the world; is a person you are suppose to mentor. The person you are suppose to help. The one who you will be the difference for. You can do it!

You will never reach your potential  unless you be open and own your truth. When the world can see you, feel your passion, know your purpose, and be amazed by your willingness to connect with others; your life will change.

Until you are honest, willing to be open and do your part in this world, your life will not be complete. We all have a purpose to fulfill and a calling to walk in. When you realize this your world, your business and your bank account will change. Your legacy will be created.

So please, I ask you to realize the power of your story. The power of sharing it. The power of walking in your purpose and passion. It will be a powerful moment and realization for you.

So stop waiting, stop procrastinating, stop limiting yourself and  your dreams. Do it now!