Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! As you prepare the food and the house for your family and friends be sure to take time to thank God for all your blessings. As we hug and kiss all those that we love and hold dear to our heart; we should give thanks for another year. Another year to see dreams come true, another year to hug our babies, love our parents and know our purpose.

Each year we make promises and plans. We have goals and ideas. We lay them out on dream boards and in journals. We want to do better, make more money and create our legacy.  But today is the day to reflect on the reasons why we do all of this. Why we work so hard. Why we make sacrifices and take chances.

So, look around your table and know your why. Take time to love on each of them. Take time to tell them what they mean to you. And for all those who could be with you in person this year, take time to call them. Tell them you miss them and love them! Make sure they know how you feel! You may not get next year! So, make this year count!


May your Thanksgiving be blessed and filled with love! From all of us at Women on a Mission Enterprises Happy Thanksgiving!


Author: WOM Enterprises Publishing and Promotion

My mission is to help people find their voices, write their stories and share them with the world. My goal is to help 10k people to have their voices heard. There is power in our words and in sharing our stories. We can give hope and light to another and we can change the world together. So reach out to me and let's get it done.

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